We went looking for a wedding dress on sunday. Laughing, we made for the door of the Bridal couture . We have been looking out for the perfect gown in every store. Having witnessed other brides and their Friends, we vowed to be happy in these moments. Weddings are supposed to bring all relatives together,but only in our case it wasn’t. Few days later, there she stood, in the dress of her dreams. That moment I whispered in her ear that ” You are the girl that i’ve been dreaming of, ever since i was a little girl.”

Love: An irresistible Emotion!!

Okay!! So this is a Late valentine’s Day Post, Whenever someone talks about Love the only thing that comes to our mind is the Romantic Love, so let’s remember all kinds of Love.
Love is drinking the first sip of coffee on an early Sunday morning, love is gazing at the moon on gloomiest of days, Love is the way that you and your siblings laugh until your tummy hurts. Love is going out for dinner with you family. Love is the way that Season change. Of course there is a romantic love, it’s the way that you partners hand touches you or hugs you and thousands of electric impulses flows through your body when u stare at each other. It’s about staying Up all night talking about anything and everything because you don’t wish to say goodnight.
Love is when you look in the mirror and smile, It’s about helping someone, Love is self care, Love is eating that extra Bite of Donut.
Romantic love will come in time and you don’t need to rush for it, it will come ,when it does and it will be so worth it. So it is pointless to cling and mourn. Because no matter how much you cling on to the past, when you look at it, It’s already Gone!!
Hence, whatever emotions sum Up the perfect ideology for Love I can say that Love is Give and Get Not Give And Take!!

Home away From Home!!

I don’t exactly remember the day, date or Time… one always doesn’t have to be Precise, but i can say that In the heat of a moment I Realised I had found a Family Outside my Family i.e My PG mates and those of college. It is so strange that people grow close to each other in no matter of time. Irrespective of their roots,where they come from or How they are?
During the beginning of My First Semester, my initial days in the outside world Alone , My Mom and Sister used to tell me stuff, about people, about how things work and how you have to make them work.
They have always taught me to Throw Good vibes. But once my Mother said that “Sometimes your light attracts Moths, and your warmth attracts parasites. Protect your space and energy.
I shall always remember these things, I ought to.
I was a bit lost somewhere down the road, but as they say Sometimes Lost is exactly where you are meant to be. Because in that process i found THEM. My definition of THEM doesn’t include a whole bunch of people, just few of my PG mates and Those of college. Happiness can be found in the darkest of time, if one only remembers to turn on the light.
In the coming future, i will have a bunch of memories to cherish like a Jewellery.
” Home is where the Heart Is”
This old saying Finally made sense to me that Home is where your heart is comfortable…

A New Year, A New Start And A Way To Go!!

2016 went by in a jiffy!!

So did the New Year’s eve party. I couldn’t get the time to write on the first day of New Year. I am not going into 2017 saying ‘Please be kind to me’.

Because I have learned the fact that world doesn’t care about what you beg for, it will continuously knock you down to the place where it feels like you’ve forgotten how to walk, but it’s up to you , will you stay on the ground or not?

So Dear 2017

It does not matter if you are kind to me or not.

As i will still do what I need to get done and be the person I’ve always wanted to become!!

Here’s to a more fun, powerful and full of love 2017!!



There are many surprising perks of being Single. Most days, I don’t think about love too much. I enjoy my life, I have a life that let’s me express myself, I live with my friends I adore and i get to eat really good food whenever I feel like it…. Well Life Ain’t Bad, It’s Fucking Awesome!!
But sometimes i find my friends walk into one relationship after another and i feel like how easily it comes for them. How is it that they can find a new Boyfriend or Girlfriend every year? And i believe that most people just fool themselves into thinking that they are in Love. Some say that falling in love is like taking a leap of faith, trusting someone to the extreme level. But what they don’t say is that being single is like that too.
It’s like taking a leap of faith with yourself, which makes it even more scarier. Because you have to hold your own hand in the dark. You have to be the person that you’ve been looking your whole life. You have to trust yourself, risk yourself and to become all those things you wanted to!!!


He came and then he left. She found a way to live without him, to smile without him, to move forward without him – she had to and she did. She didn’t resent it. She didn’t resent him. She never resented love. Yet, she thought of him every single day.

She smiled to herself when she saw parts of him in others. It became a part of her which she had initially fought.  Sometimes, when the longing she kept so strictly to her heart, she let her pillow absorb her tears. And then, she went on with her life.

She kept him close, but stayed afar from him. She missed their conversations –  silly and beautiful – but she never really talked to him ,knowing somewhere that they each held a special place in the other’s life. She never spoke of it and time passed. Life wasn’t bad.

Yet, she always thought of her life in two parts – Before Him and After Him. The time In Between was now a phase she had framed in her mind  – a lifetime in itself. She would look through these frames, wanting to touch those memories.

She thought that she would never love again, never the same way.
You see, she had realized that what she kept in her heart was a mere memory. She loved, even worshiped that memory, but she realized he wasn’t real in them anymore.

Until one day.
She dreamed of him, just like so many other times.  It was nothing special, really. He was just there in it. Looking up his number, she typed a message but didn’t send it.

Because she realized at that moment, on that day, that her love for him was unconditional. She did not need to be with him, to touch him. She did not need for him to be in love with her. She realized that the time  she had spend  wanting him – she was not chained to feeling that way.

In that realization, she wrote, “I miss you” in her Diary. It was not an act of need this time.  Yet, it was all she felt. She felt tides of emotion break against her  heart. The pillow lay there  while her tears found their way to it.

Maybe she realized she did not need to want him. What she felt for him was not bound by anything anymore.
She put aside her phone and sighed. She felt herself getting light headed.
As she lay there with a smile on her face and her love set far and free, she was at peace.Unconditionally.

The Good Heart

Here’s the thing about people with good hearts.They give you space when you don’t explain yourself, They accept apologies you don’t give, They see the best in you when you don’t need them to. At your worst they lift you up. The word busy doesn’t exist in their dictionary.They make time even when you don’t. And you wonder why they are the most sensitive people.And you keep wondering why they care for you so damn much. They keep a feeling of selflessness. They accept the love and attention they think they’ve earned and you accept the love you think you are entitled to. Let me tell you something.Fear the day when a good heart gives up on you. A heart does not turn cold unless it’s been treated with coldness for a while.