Entirely and Infinitely

You are the force that holds me down
You are the sun that dazzle throughout the day
You are the star that twinkle so bright
You are my heart that beats inside
You are the only guy i can love.
You have the voice that of a bird singing
You stop me from being so lonely
You are my one and only
I’m sad at the thought of being apart
And ecstatic to know, I’m in your heart
If help was needed, you’d be the first I call
Your a beautiful person, whose made your mark.
We plan our future as if we have a clue
I never want to lose you.
I want to be yours entirely and infinitely…


MONEY: A Solution or Problem?

What is the worst? All people have many problems, that sometimes they think that don`t have solutions. It has become a necessity for many people to survive in this word and I don`t refer to the necessity of eating or buying clothes, I refer to the necessity of being accept in our society, because many people only accept other person for the money that have each person.
Furthermore, I would like to demonstrate that we encounter many problems in daily life. The solution of these problems is money. We need money to solve these problems and to feel happy. I think money is important for happiness, too. Generally, rich people are happier than the poor. The rich are happy because they can realize their ideas, achieve their wish and do anything they want by the help of their money. For example, to get good education, to take a trip, to buy a good house and others are the most common wishes of people and which require enough money to realize. Thus, rich people are happy. And there are these people of say that Money can’t buy you happiness.
But in some ways or other it does.
I have never travelled in a Roadways bus before but few weeks back I had to and I saw this family of 4 people, they were sitting right next to me. When an aeroplane passed and the father made his kids see the view and they were so happy and excited just by the vision of a plane.And then i realized that we take so many things for granted in LIfe, You should be grateful for the privilege of coming to school for an education. If you have a roof on top of your head, food to eat, and clothes to wear, you should consider yourself lucky. There are so many people in the world without food and without shelter. Instead of selfishly wanting more for your benefit, for once we should think about other people in the world who don’t have what we have, and start appreciating what we actually do have, even if it may not be much to us.
Richard J.Needham once said that “When MONEY is seen as a solution for every problem, MONEY itself becomes the Problem.”

Poem on Life.

So I read a poem few minutes ago which sums up life so well. I wanted to share it with everyone for those who haven’t read it.

It is written by Mr Harivansh Rai Bacchan.

Beith jata hu mitti pe aksar
Kyonki mujhe apni aukat achi lagti hai.
Meine Samunder se sikha hai jine ka salika,
Chupchap se behna or apni mauj me rehna..!!
Aeisa nahi hai ki mujhme koi eib nahi hai,
Par sach kehta hoon mujhme koi freb nahi hai
Jal jate hai mere andaaz se mere dushman kyunki
Ek muddat se meine
na mohabbat badli or na dost badle..!
Ek Ghari Khareed ker Hath mai kia Bandli …
Waqt Peeshe hi perh gaya mere …
Sochta tha , Ghar bana ker rahunga sakun se ..
Per gher ki zarurton ne musafir bana dala ,…
Sakun ki baat mat ker ay Ghalib ,….
Bachpan wala Itwar ab nahi ata …
Shoq to Maa Baap k paison se pure hote hain .
Apne paiso se to bs , Zarurtain hi puri hopati hain ,…
Zindagi ki Bhag Dor mai,
kiu waqt k sath rangat kho jati hai.
Hansti khelti Zindagi bhi Aam hojati hai,
Ek Sawera tha jab Hans k uthte the hum ,
Aur Aaj , Kai bar,
Bina Muskurai hi sham hojati hai ,…
Kitne Door Nikal gai ,
Rishton ko nibhate nibhate ,….
Khud ko kho dia hum ne,
Apno ko pate pate,…
Log kehte hain, hum muskurate bht hain ,
Aur hum thak gai , Dard ko chupate chupate ,…
khush Hun ,….
Aur sab ko khush rakhne ki koshish kerta hun ,
Laaperwa hun ,
Phir bhi sabki perwa kerta hun ,…
Maloom hai ,
Koi Mol nahi mera ,…
Phir bhi,
Kuch anmol logon se ,.
Rishte rakhta hun ,…
Beith jata hu mitti pe aksar
Kyonki mujhe apni aukat achi lagti hai…..

A Trip to Remember!!!


I visited Dalhouise way back in March,2017 when I was a little less lazy as you can probably make out that I am posting this after almost 3 months.

Day 1
24th march
We reached the hotel Around 10 in the morning. We were staying at “Mohan Palace”.
Tired, cranky, sweaty and Hungry The first thing we did was have our breakfast. After hours of traveling Shower was a Must.
It was the first time I was traveling alone, Initially before departing I had these second thoughts in the back of my head, whether I would have fun or not as it my first Tour Alone. None of my friends could go. I decided to go alone with other 30 strangers, not practically strangers These were the kids from my college just from other department.
So where was I?
The schedule for that day was to Visit the WaterFall.
There were these activities and things to shop and eat there and yes How could i forget “Clicking Pictures”, this list at the top of list of Perks of being a Girl.
Then The Driver dropped us at The St’ Francis Church, The last time I visited the church was when we visited Mumbai.
Visiting such places is very peaceful sometimes.
Our day ended at the Mall Road, which was way much worse than my expectations.

Day 2
I slept so well the other night, after the breakfast We left for Khajjiar, it was such a beautiful and peaceful place i have seen in my life till date.
The first song which came to my mind was ” Ye haseen waadiyam ye khula aasman, aagye hum kaha ye khoobsurat jahan.”
In the matter or heart and brain, one should always listen to The Heart. I am glad I listened to Mine, if i had not come for this trip, i would have missed sitting on the grass on a gloomy day with the perfect view.
Then there I met this girl, and the more i got to know her, the more i felt this connection and I Realised that one day you meet someone for inexplicable reason, you feel more connected to this stranger than anyone else. Perhaps this one person, this stranger sent to you for some higher purpose, to keep you safe during a period of time. As the person exits your life. They will be a stranger to you once more.
I am always content with my own company, though i’m glad that i met some great people on this trip. One thing I learned for sure is that There are different kind of humans, all of them beautiful in their own way and sometimes you have to adjust with them whether if you like it or not.
My bucket list is quite long and one of them came true, actually two.
Eating Maggie on a freezing day sitting on one of the highest mountain.
Then DJ night happened, we girls got all dolled up, looking pretty and we all do these mostly for the sake of getting clicked.
It sounds quite cliche though. We danced a lot, ate a lot and had fun too.

The day for our Checkout, we left in the noon for PathanKot and made a stop for Movie. Phillaury it was, which now is included in the lists of movies I can watch anytime and every time.
And now finally traveling back Home, sitting in the Bus Writing my Diary Entry, I realised that I’m glad to came to this Trip. Explored so many things, made new friends and so much more.

Let the mountains Set you free!!





We went looking for a wedding dress on sunday. Laughing, we made for the door of the Bridal couture . We have been looking out for the perfect gown in every store. Having witnessed other brides and their Friends, we vowed to be happy in these moments. Weddings are supposed to bring all relatives together,but only in our case it wasn’t. Few days later, there she stood, in the dress of her dreams. That moment I whispered in her ear that ” You are the girl that i’ve been dreaming of, ever since i was a little girl.”

Love: An irresistible Emotion!!

Okay!! So this is a Late valentine’s Day Post, Whenever someone talks about Love the only thing that comes to our mind is the Romantic Love, so let’s remember all kinds of Love.
Love is drinking the first sip of coffee on an early Sunday morning, love is gazing at the moon on gloomiest of days, Love is the way that you and your siblings laugh until your tummy hurts. Love is going out for dinner with you family. Love is the way that Season change. Of course there is a romantic love, it’s the way that you partners hand touches you or hugs you and thousands of electric impulses flows through your body when u stare at each other. It’s about staying Up all night talking about anything and everything because you don’t wish to say goodnight.
Love is when you look in the mirror and smile, It’s about helping someone, Love is self care, Love is eating that extra Bite of Donut.
Romantic love will come in time and you don’t need to rush for it, it will come ,when it does and it will be so worth it. So it is pointless to cling and mourn. Because no matter how much you cling on to the past, when you look at it, It’s already Gone!!
Hence, whatever emotions sum Up the perfect ideology for Love I can say that Love is Give and Get Not Give And Take!!